Transformative Carbon Asset Facility (TCAF) is an international finance facility piloting innovative, results-based carbon market mechanism under Article 6 of Paris Climate Change agreement. TCAF supports developing countries in planning, implementing, and scaling up their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to accelerate the transition to low-carbon economies. As well, TCAF helps shape international carbon markets for the post-Kyoto era.


What does TCAF do?

Piloting results-based finance for greater impact

Supporting climate mitigation ambitions in developing countries

Helping shape international carbon markets for post-Kyoto era



On a country level

  • TCAF helps developing countries implement market-based carbon pricing and sector-wide mitigation measures
  • TCAF leverages public finance to create favorable conditions for private sector investment in low-carbon technologies, provide blueprints for efficient and low-cost mitigation, and achieve lasting transformational impact

On the international arena

  • TCAF’s informs the international process to develop standards and agreements for future carbon crediting instruments and transfer of carbon credits
  • TCAF tests various methods to transparently transfer “mitigation outcomes” between parties and to provide stringent accounting and transparency, ensuring the environmental integrity of these assets.